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The fully integrated Flexware compatible  database / accounting platform for Windows !!

WinFlex has been up and running, and real people have been running real businesses with it since October 1996. Our beta test sites were all long-time Flexware users, who run their businesses on-line and in real time, using WinFlex on their network to replace their Flexware systems.

Unlike most of our competition, we'd be more than happy to have you talk to our clients about how WinFlex works for their businesses. Drop me an e-mail with your request, and I'll put you in touch - it's that simple.

February 14, 2000


*Some legal fine print to make Flexware's lawyers happier.... Flexware 5.3 was the last non Macintosh product in general release, created in 1985 by what was then Microfinancial Corporation, and is not to be confused with the current Macintosh product. It ran - and is indeed still running, on PC's, Stride, Pinnacle, Shannon, and DEC computers. It is because people are still running it that it is included for comparison. Flexware 4.4 was the version in general release before 5.3. "Similarities and differences to Mac Flexware" compares our product specifications with Flexware International LLC's published specifications as of 3/97, as obtained from their web site.

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